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How to Set Up WordPress Form Tracking in Google Analytics

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Are you wondering how your WordPress forms are performing?

Tracking forms in Google Analytics helps you uncover insights about how people interact with your forms, where your leads are coming from, which marketing campaigns are performing the best, and more.

In this article, we’ll show you how to set up WordPress form tracking in Google Analytics.

Why Track WordPress Forms in Google Analytics?

Forms are an essential part of a WordPress website. They help you stay connected with your audience, build an email list, boost eCommerce conversions, and grow your business.

By setting up form tracking in Google Analytics, you get to see how different forms are performing on your website. This way, you can promote high converting forms on your most important page while optimizing low converting forms.

Another benefit of form tracking is that it helps you better understand your audience. You can find out which channel they’re using to find your website and submit a form. Plus, you can also track and reduce form abandonment by tracking them in Google Analytics.

Similarly, it also helps identify how your lead generation campaigns are performing or which referral website is driving the most leads on your site.

That said, let’s look at how you can track WordPress forms in Google Analytics.

Setting Up WordPress Form Tracking in Google Analytics

The best way to set up WordPress form tracking in Google Analytics is by using MonsterInsights. It’s the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress, and over 3 million professionals use it to uncover insights and use data to grow their business.

Google Analytics doesn’t track WordPress forms by default. You would have to edit code to track your forms. This can be tricky for beginners, as the slightest mistake can mess up your tracking and break your website.

MonsterInsights removes the need for writing code or hiring a developer. It allows you to set up Google Analytics and track WordPress forms without editing code.

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